миллион игра онлайн казино

If you are tired of your job you can always find a free moment to try your luck at this and many other mobile online slots.

The basic rules of the game are very simple, not talking about a casino symbols and their combinations, the main goal is to seek for a needed combinations of the numbers.

Play ISoft Bet casino slots and become a millionaire today!

The bet is low, but the opportunity to win is really tremendous.

The special feature and the most fascinated thing about this online casino game is that you will need to seek a number combinations.

Collecting 10 0 0 0 00 or 10 0 0 0 0 symbols on the winning line will make you win a jackpot out of 1 000 000 cents!

There are other number combinations with a less winning price, but still with a well amount of coins.

At max bet, the symbols 10, 0, 00 pay according to the combinations on the 20 winning lines.

You have to remember, that the million cents winnings are paid at max bet only and are not multiplied by the bet per line.

All the other special combinations winnings are paid at max bet only and are not multiplied by bet per line.

10-0-0-0-00 pays 100 000 coins if it’s won on another line that line 1. It does not have any bonus games, free spins, cinema or cartoon characters.

There is a Wild symbol which will replace all symbols except 10, 0 and 00. It concentrates your mind in collecting the needed combinations.